Breaking the Chains

From victim to survivor. From enslavement into freedom.


Photo Credit: Alaina Fabbro

De-Branding Provider Qualifications:

We are grateful you have shown interest in using your artistic talents to empower survivors of human trafficking. In order to partner with Survivor’s Ink you must agree to the following:

1. Due to the trauma that our survivors have experienced, we require the safest setting possible for the de-branding process. The environment you provide should be free from sexually explicit images and behaviors, disrespectful comments or gestures, extreme vulgarities, and insensitivity. You are liable to ensure that the survivor is not subjected to any form of exploitation while in your care. 

2. The artist should provide a loving guidance for the survivor’s cover-up ideas, and incorporate them as much as possible into the design. The main goal is for the image to be of the survivor’s choice. However, if survivor requests a name or questionable image to be incorporated within the cover-up, prior approval will need to be obtained from the organization. Survivor’s Ink will not pay for names or inappropriate images. 

3. The location must be in a professional setting with clean and sterile equipment which meet all health code regulations. 

4. Maximum privacy must be available to ensure the recipient feels safe and secure in your environment. 

5. Each artist is required to have sufficient experience and provide images of cover-up work they have personally completed. 

6. Since we are a non-profit organization and services provided are tax-deductible, a reasonable standard rate will be negotiated. 

7. We are honored to advertise our tattoo partnerships; however, we request that no names be released or facial pictures taken to ensure the survivors safety. Permission should be obtained from each survivor for before and after photos.

If you are confident you meet these requirements and would like to move forward to the application, please fill in the form below.

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